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My name is Ifechi Ugwu Kalu; a policy developer, Web3 enthusiast and political historian. I write and explore ways to engender real progress across Africa, particularly, Nigeria.

At the moment, you’ll find me involved in the world of Web3 and the evolution of decentralized technology, while also delving into exciting prospects within the film industry.

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Director: Valiz Consulting

I am developing and facilitating a policy map for a state government on the creative industry; specifically in the areas of a film ecosystem

With a proven track record, I specialize in crafting innovative strategies that drive companies to new heights. My expertise lies in deciphering complex challenges and devising solutions that hack growth in record time.

Web3 Tech

I’m currently part of a stealth startup building in Web3 and fintech. Honing my interest in blockchain technology and building skills to help onboard young people into the ecosystem.

Brief History

My passion for state-craft was born after my first year as a History student in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I took courses on African and European history. It felt like Africa’s political and economic history was on trial against those of other continents and we were losing. There began my worrying about Africa-Nigeria precisely.

I remember a departmental trip to Ezeagu waterfall. What was supposed to be a getaway picnic turned to be a sob-fest for me. You see, our drive to the waterfall cut through great green hills that comprised an exquisite landscape that held potentials for tourism and modern sophisticated ranches.

The villagers collected a toll fee to permit access to the fall, and, my God was it a sight! I thought: “why can’t this area be tended to by the local government chair or the governor? Transform it to a tourist site, build a local and foreign demand around it and market as a film village”

I sobbed at the realization that we not only lacked forward-thinking leaders but those honest to serve and execute a set vision.

From then on, I nursed the idea of working in government. I have developed interests in sectors that directly contribute to human capital development- education, creative industry and the economy. As one of those piloting Nigeria into its destined future, I spend my time studying and writing on these key areas.

When I’m not discussing policy matters, I’m being a wife to the most amazing man and oh, a mother too.

Career & Public Policy

Lagos State House of Assembly Workshop. 

In 2021, I was invited by the Lagos State House of Assembly to train the lawmakers on the subject; ‘Security: Challenges, Trends and Strategies for Mitigation’. My presentation centered around a systems-and-people solution for its growing rate of ungoverned spaces, rise in cult/gang clashes and ethnic-divisive problem.

National Policy Review and Futureview Team

The Futureview team by the ‘Big Tent’ was constituted for the 2023 Presidential election and post-election activities, to propose alternatives to extant policies. The focus was to design effective policies that would change the consumerist culture of Nigeria’s politics. 

I served under the Environment Team and helped architect policies in line with our mission.

Manifesto Review for the Obi-Datti Government

From policy perspectives on the youth and creative economy, I helped architect a 4-year framework to change Nigeria’s creative and entertainment sector. I also contributed to the policies on education and sports.

Ala-Igbo Sovereign Fund (ASF)

Youth member and Repertoire of the ASF. We designed and documented an economic pathway for an independent, efficient and resourceful South Eastern Nigeria. ASF was designed by the most notable industry experts in partnership with the 5 governments of the South East.

CVL/Patito’s Gang

I joined Prof. Pat Utomi’s Patito’s Gang on Channels TV, first as a contributor, and then became its programme director in 2020. Under my stewardship, it saw an increased discussion by vocal youths on topical issues around governance.

Anambra State Governor-elect Transition Committee, 2022. (New Media)

Developing measurable framework(s) for civic education and inclusive citizen engagement for Accountability, Policy-making, Governance and Development.

Host: Round Table space

In an attempt to raise political consciousness and drive citizen participation in governance, I started a town square discussion forum on Twitter where I invited figures in the public sector and political aspirants across the South East to discuss policy plans and key economic growth kickers for the region.

Social Causes

Onitsha Market Fire Fundraiser

I co-led a fundraiser for the Onitsha market fire victims. We raised a total sum of ₦4,854,309.80 between October 2019 and February, 2020. Find post-mortem here.

Build Ala-Igbo Project (BAP)

In November 2020, I co-led a crowdfund for the development of South East, Nigeria called the  (BAP). With a focus on developing human capital, we have raised N520,400 to digitally educate youths. The first cohort of 8 youths have graduated from their digital training. We plan to take the initiative a notch higher in the coming years.

Tech Scholarship

In 2021, I facilitated a scholarship to onboard underprivileged girls into the tech ecosystem in Onitsha. It has grown to be a yearly tradition by the 234Project Nigeria.


Let’s Talk Sense

I founded and hosted a rookie political/social programme called ‘Let’s Talk Sense’ as an undergraduate in 2017. It involved impactful conversations around the SDGs with the university community. It also birthed one of such with figures like the then Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) on socio-political topics.

234Project Nigeria

I led organizations like the 234Project and the United Nations Students and Youth Association(ANUNSA), UNN. We help innovation contests, cultural and debate competitions across campuses. We also led social and academic outreaches to secondary students. Thousands of students across board were impacted during this period.

Evolution360 Nigeria

I co-founded Evolution360 Nigeria in 2018. A think-tank for Nigerian reformers to awaken the minds of Nigeria’s young towards political awareness and citizen stewardship. We recorded hundreds of citizen participation in our conferences.