My Mind when I’m Aboard an Aircraft


I now realize why I feel the urge to extol God when I’m aboard an airplane.

I used to think I was just in awe of the clouds that held the metal bird or the wind that propelled it or simply at the ingenuity of humans to think of and build same.

My subconsciousness has brought to the fore why I’d feel like praising God first. God called something out of nothing, so that humans can build something out of what he has created. From his pronouncement, ‘Let there be’, now everything humans would need is already at the beta stage. The risks of conducting experiments have been borne by God already that we’re not saddled with the question of ‘If it’s possible?’ but when can the idea be ready for test and then, human use.

The four-legged animals that run are a stimulant to the creation of cars and other land vehicles. Even some car architectures and designs are inspired by some cats. Like the Jaguar car brand for instance. Many muscle cars are modeled to look and sound like big cats.

The airplane was inspired by birds defying gravity and flying thousands of feet in the sky.

Seeds go into the earth and food comes out. Same conditions are replicated in a lab and we have the same outcome.

Similac and Enfamil are million-dollar companies off an attempt to make what tastes like the breast milk.

What I consider his master creation is the birth of a new born or the human being itself. The human body is so beautifully organized that the heart has never mistakenly pumped urine. Can you imagine that? That in its daily 100,000 beats and 2,000 gallons of pumped blood, an independent mistake hasn’t been made by that organ.

Scientists are still in the labs trying to fully conquer this realm of replicating human capabilities.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is dedicated to developing a device that, once implanted in the human brain, would allow a computer to translate a person’s thoughts into action.

Who said nature came from a massive explosion of matter again? Bullshit!

God is the master Architect. The Scientists’ Scientist. The creators’ creator.